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        SPANICE is a well-known brand specialized in the production of brake pads under Dezhou Mingtaishi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.,which integrates R&D,production and sales into a diversified operation.As a famous brakes brand in China,we pay more attention to environmental protection and reduce the ues of harmful heavy metals in friction materials at the same time in scientific,and technological research and development.We focus on developing high quality brake pads that have no asbestos,pollution-free,noise free and environmental safety,in order to improve the competitive power of the intemational market.

        The company has advanced production equipment,production rigorous,from the selection of brake pads to the sample,to go through repeated tests such as noise detection,bench test,matching test and winter and summer road test,until its performance meets requirements and stability,To mass production,Always committed to strengthening independent innovation and brand building,its R&D and testing capabilities are in line with the requirements of domestic and foreign mid-to-high-end automotive OEMs and aftermarkets,and have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign markets.The products are exported to Europe,the Americas and the Middle East and other regions.With the development of the market and the improvement of product quality,SPANICE will continue to strengthen its cooperation with the well-known car brand original factory,and achieve the synchronization of product research and development and vehicle companies,strive to innovate,and win with quality.
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